The Power of ONE

The Power of ONE

  True Story,

In her defense she didn’t know the true value of that one design. If she did she wouldn’t have bothered to ask that question. “So how much to make this jumpsuit just for me?” “Nothing you can pay me would be enough” I responded. I wasn’t being arrogant. I have been told I somehow come across too blunt or too self assured but this time I was just stating a fact. Thankfully she didn’t push it. She Paid for the sample piece and was satisfied with atleast being the first to get it. The first of many.

We christened that jumpsuit “The Labu” and just as I had prophesied,nothing she could have paid me would have been worth its value. The opportunity cost of selling that piece as a one off was more than either of us could afford . The Labu is 2years old now. It’s sold out several times over . It’s been sold in the UK,the US,SA, Brazil,Ghana,I’ve truly lost count of the countries it has reached.It’s been the bestseller at international exhibitions and earned us income in several currencies. The Labu has opened my brand to new customers, new markets and a new demography. This one design has inspired a new product category and several accessories that encourage up-selling and cross selling. That is the power of one design. The Labu wasn’t just a lucky find though. The pattern and fabrics used to deliver this winner were painstakingly constructed and sourced across several continents. Several samples were made and remade and it took 3months to deliver the first collection after the first sample was approved. 

2years on I am thankful for a ready to wear model that allows me to truly benefit from my creativity and hard work. How many Bespoke pieces have ended up as one offs in the closet of a celebrity that truly wore it just once and gave it away thereafter ,earning the designer likes but no wealth. 

So how much can you pay me for a one off? Not nearly enough .

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