True Story, 

She had been one of my regulars for 3 years before she asked for a custom jumpsuit. It didn’t matter that she lived and worked in London, she considered Xclamations one of her favourite brands and most certainly her go to brand for jumpsuits.

I do have a template for bespoke. It involves the client filling or answering a 15 questions long questionnaire. Then at least 2 samples are made, if the client is out of the country or not available, a fit model in her size will be used to fit the samples in her place. Finally the 3rd sample is made in the proposed fabric and it is the 3rd piece that can be sold to her, fitted for her or at the worst rejected. The more samples we make, the more expensive the dress. The longer the process, the more expensive the outfit. Luckily in this case the 3rd sample fit perfectly. She was so happy and even did a little dance in front of the mirror, a dance meant this was a slam dunk!!!

She paid a premium for that jumpsuit albeit the lower end of the possible price. She left pleased knowing she had gotten herself a one of a kind piece, one no one else would own for at least 3 months after her birthday (that was the agreement she signed). This process took one and a half months.

It was almost like the universe had a point to prove. The day after my bespoke order was picked we had another regular but 11 items off our ready to wear collection. She also lives and works in the Uk but simply selected pieces off our Instagram page and they have been shipped to her. While I enjoy pleasing clients,I can’t help but consider which of these two transactions gives more value to my time and efforts. There is a place for Bespoke and ready to wear in your business but if you had to apportion time I would say definitely invest more of your creative energy and time to ready to wear. My business is 99.9% ready to wear and the .1% I cherry pick and certainly create a  system for. 

In 7days on the 15th of July we will close registration for my online course “How to start a ready to wear label in Nigeria “ on that day also we will increase the price of the course. It means this is the lowest amount you will ever be able to pay for the course. I am excited to have more people learn from my mistakes and possibly avoid them but more importantly I want to see more fashion entrepreneurs create sustainable wealth from their talents. You deserve to enjoy what you do and you deserve to earn good money off your gift while touching the world with it. This is what the course is all about.

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