I have mentored a lot of designers in my time. Some of my mentees I don’t even know, they reach out once in a while by email or dm to thank me for sharing an impactful word in my newsletter, podcast or post that inspired, educated or motivated them. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to share. Nothing is more rewarding for a mentor, teacher or coach than seeing your student grow wings and perform. That is the case with me and one of my mentees Detola.

Detola was a hard worker and she was gifted too. Like many she started her fashion business because she was passionate. Every time we met she shared her frustrations. Her business was not attracting her ideal clients, her brand was not getting the opportunities she felt it needed, even her friends were not buying from her, what was her problem?

Her problem was simple, she was waiting for opportunities to find her instead of creating them herself. No amount of coaching, free or expensive can replace action. No amount of wishing or complaining can change your circumstance without movement.

Detola did something powerful, after 5 years of mentoring she started to take action. She did everything I advised. First of all followed my formula for building a winning collection (a collection that sells), collaborated with 2 other brands and invested in some amazing PR. After 10years in fashion things started to change. Now Detola is in her zone. Attracting her ideal clients and no longer waiting for her break through or her friends. She is the break through, and her clients love her brand.

I saw her at the Fashion Souk. One of the dignitaries was wearing her dress. Someone asked me whose design it was, I smiled and directed them to her stall. I can’t tell you how it made me feel to see her glow. You all need to thank her for this online course . People like her inspired me to put together the online course.

You can also take action, stop complaining, stop waiting for opportunities, learn how to create yours.

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