These are the excuses I have heard so far. Excuses that have prevented people from taking the course . 

  1. I don’t have money: But your lack of knowledge causes your business to loose money and money making opportunities daily. You are right . You really don’t have money.
  2. I am too busy, may be later: Change is NEVER convenient. Time does fly. You do what you prioritize and everything else adjusts.

3.I am not new to the business: Yes you have been in business longer than me but you have done it wrong longer too. This course is not just for beginners it’s for change makers.

4.I don’t like online courses: Really? In 2019? I’ve made my course easy and fun (lots of animation too)but this mindset will hold you back if you don’t change it fast.

5.My customers will stop buying from me if I change to RTW. : One step at a time please. First step is to take the course not shut down your business 😂😂😂😂 There have been some “designer” excuses too, some too ridiculous even for creatives. Excuses reflect our fears of the unknown . Nothing trumps fear like action. Take action. Take the course.

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