I don’t like the word Luck. It gives the impression that success has favorites and we have no choice. I much prefer the word GRACE. It’s available to us all but we are left with the choice to use it or not.

I learnt this lesson exactly 200 days ago when i decided to de cluster my house and by extension my life. At the beginning of 2019 i decided i needed to de stress, and for me it meant replacing bad habits with good ones and also creating an environment that was calming and less stress prone. This meant old clothes, shoes, books and some relationships had to go. Anything that didn’t feed my joy or my mind positively was given the boot.

The whole process took me about 40 days to complete but at the end, every corner of my house had been detoxed.

My greatest fear with any new habit is sustaining it but i guarded this one jealously and after 200 days it is clear to me and my family that this new me is here to stay. In 200 days i have not ‘looked for something’ ( a major source of stress for my former self ) in my house because everything has an ‘address’. I have not left my house without laying my bed and turning my diffuse reeds, i have also not been late for an appointment and i have been great at managing stress.

This has spilled over into every area of my life and yes my business and fitness life too. To be a good business person or to stay fit you must first get your life, space and your mind organized. This has nothing to do with Luck. it is time to take control of your life and activate the Grace to take action. The Grace is available to us all.

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