Everyone is looking for ease. Industries are built on our desire for shortcuts. We are all looking for a magic pill or tool that  would literally melt fat off our waist line and we watch those infomercials with wrapped attention hoping against hope that it could be real, it’s not.

We do the same thing in business. We throw money at schemes that promise quick solutions when the truth is quick fixes are short lived at Best. When people ask me how I did it, how I lost weight and kept it off, I see the disappointment in their eyes when I tell the truth, what they already know, I eat healthy and exercise regularly. I have made healthy living a lifestyle not a weight loss program. 

In business I get asked that too, my answer is not sexy here either, I have stayed relevant because I first committed to staying. I stayed when entrepreneurship wasn’t cool and joined the hype when it was. I stayed when the economy was booming and selling clothes was easy and I stayed when priorities shifted and devaluation forced businesses to close. I stayed when I was inspired and celebrated and stayed still when the applause ceased.

I want to encourage someone today that in business or in fitness the rules of the game remain the same, commitment is the only true currency for sustained success. One day at a time, soon  doing the right thing gets easier, hang in there long enough and it becomes second nature. That’s when you start to experience the ease but before that stay committed.

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