Dear fashion preneur
What do you think the Moremi Kaftan, Scullotes and Labu Jumpsuit from Xclamations have in common? Apart from the fact that they are all very well made, fit like a dream and have all surpassed sales targets they all share one other common thread…. can you guess? Ok I will tell you.

All these designs were MISTAKES!!!!! Yep they didn’t come out as planned and for one of them we considered a failure even 3 months into its launch, our customers resisted her and our sales team suggested we stop making them as they were such a hard sell. The Scullotes,like me ,are stubborn though and she hung in there,showing off her quirkiness and flair and one year after her launch she was made famous by k8henshaw and even rechristened #katespants in one of our most successful campaigns . All these designs have taught me the importance of effort and possibilities as well as the importance of tenacity and courage. I have other designs that started and ended as mistakes that never saw the light of day but they too are part of the journey and of them also I am proud.

Mistakes happen in other areas of my life as well, some of them have turned out to be my greatest blessings but all them have taught me a lesson and for that reason I am open to risks, to trials to chance and even to the possibility of failures . This is how I want you to think as well. Be open to mistakes, because …..you never know.

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