Let’s talk about wealth
Health is wealth. This phrase is as true as it is cliche but truer words have never been spoken . True monetary wealth though, the kind that ensures you are comfortable well into your retirement years is built through making long term investments NOW.

As entrepreneurs we let our passions guide us focusing on transactions, collections, production and the daily grind at the expense of pensions, investments and passive income all necessary to ensure that all we are doing now truly pays off in the end. Dear entrepreneur you need to save and invest. Don’t say you can’t. Make it priority because it is that important. You alone are responsible for your future.

The same is true for your future health, it truly is your greatest investment. Health in your older years is a result of the healthy habits of your youth. So treat that with passion too. Stay off excessive sugar, incorporate physical exercise into your routine and guard your mental health jealously. Your super healthy future self will thank you later.

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