Dear fashion preneur,

I hear your complaints. I hear them everyday. It’s difficult to block them out because you go on and on . Your frustrations are valid and they are real too however they are not peculiar to you . We are all in the same ship, dealt the same hand but while you are complaining your competition is adapting.

Sade could not afford a store on the high street and was loosing business from not having a physical store, she complained for a minute then she decided to Adapt and now she has her pieces in 2 concession stores and is also offering free shipping to prospects in Lagos.

Tiwa adapted too. Her clothing line was for children, her finishing impeccable but she lived outside Lagos and business was dreadfully slow, she too complained before adapting, now she has partnered with a bigger brand and manages their children’s line.

I have so many examples of people who have turned things around by focusing their limited energy on creating solutions that totally turned what seemed like a disadvantage to a strength.

You can too. Start first by changing your circle of co complainers and begin to hang with game changers. Invest in crafting a plan and use your God given creativity to create new winning strategies. Think outside the box , innovate , collaborate , do whatever is needed but know that to survive a difficult climate Adaptation is necessary. Try it, all the cool kids are doing it.

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