Today was my second run since I got back and somehow I feel I am truly back in mind and spirit and able to take whatever this crazy city has to throw at me.

Going off on holiday is great but readjusting back to everyday life for me is always tough. This time was particularly difficult, first it was the family emergency, then I came down with a throat infection, of course my skin had to start flaring up again and let me not even start with the drama at work.

If you can’t tell already, I take comfort in my habits. My good habits give me hope. they give me confidence. Every time I go for a run, lay my bed or record a podcast I feel a little empowered knowing that these little steps add up to something great.

I’ve kept the running going for 3years and now I’m shopping for another life changing habit to pick up before the year runs out. I’m doing this for me, I guard this habit jealously and selfishly but it is rewarding to see how it is inspiring those around me too. So what good habits are you proud of ?

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