Dear Fashion Preneur,

Big things will happen but they are not nearly as important as how you handle and manage the little things. How you treat your customers, every single one of them,irrespective of their celebrity status, the size of their purchase or their relationship with you. Small everyday things like how you respond to complaints, deal with your suppliers and even your team.

Great businesses and businesses men /women are not built or formed in the spotlight, they are born where nobody is watching and no recognition or rewards are given.

The finishing of your clothes, the quality of your materials, your return policies, your commitment to the welfare of your staff, your attitude to disgruntled customers will not earn you likes or followers or awards but they will earn you a reputation and a legacy that cannot be bought or ignored.

So when next you are thinking of your next big move or opportunity remember the little everyday chances that show up and use them well. #

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