Dear Nigerian,

I am not a patriotic person. I know I may have picked the wrong day to admit this but I’m not alone. I complain about Nigeria, it’s leaders and it’s hard hard terrain but somehow I’m still here. I am an adult now. I can choose to be anywhere else doing anything else but I CHOSE to be a fashion entrepreneur in Nigeria.

Choice is a powerful thing, it really can change your life. So today I choose to be patriotic. Maybe for the first time ever. I’m a rookie at this so forgive me if my attempt is rusty, here it goes….

We may not have a great health care system, we may have corrupt leaders and poor infrastructure. We may have no welfare system and a difficult business terrain, but anytime I look in the mirror I see one great thing that came of Nigeria.

I see myself and I am proud of who I am becoming against all odds. I dream of a country that will live up to its potential possibly in my life time, but while I wait for that to happen I will do my bit to be the best Nigerian I can be. I do what I can , my complaining does nothing but distract from solutions I can create.

This country and its imperfections are all we got. So be the best Nigerian you can be while we wait for the country to catch up.

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