Dear Fashion Preneur,

How do you handle rejection?

This two letter word can cause some real damage if you let it. The word can make you doubt yourself, recline into your shell and even make you second guess your talent. We’ve all been there. The difficult customer, the rejected proposal, the sample that didn’t turn out right, the unsold inventory, the unsuccessful campaign and even the post that wasn’t liked enough, it feels like the universe is finding new and more creative ways to say No. How do you handle that?

I need you to know that the rejections will come and it is important they do. I am grateful now for all the customers that didn’t “get me” they helped me focus on those who did , they let me value my tribe more.

I am grateful for opportunities I lost , it wasn’t that I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t ready….I am now. I have survived so much rejection that I now realize they may hurt but they don’t leave scars, they don’t scare me anymore.

Embracing the possibility of rejection has made me bolder. I take more risks now. I’m open to experimenting , I don’t take your No personal because it’s not about you, it’s about my journey. Also don’t hate the Naysayers. Don’t be one of those people that stays focused on “haters” ( ain’t nobody hate you 🙄) your creative energy can be put to better use.

I would much rather get a “No” and learn from it than a “yes” that teaches me nothing and keeps me on the wrong path.

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