Dear Fashion Preneur,

How do you respond to success?

When the stars align and everything you touch turns to gold. Your collection sells out, your loan is approved, you get testimonials that make your heart sing and an alert that make your eyes pop. It’s one lucky break after another and you are fooled into thinking you have arrived…..big emphasis on the word “fooled” .

Success scares me. After 17 years in the game I now know success is not a transaction, a big break or even a fat bank account. Success is not a destination, it’s a journey….a long windy journey to become the best you can be.

You see there is a great designer in you, one that touches life with her talent and her story. The opportunities that show up, if you are sensitive enough, will bless you beyond the money they put in your pocket.

If you miss the chance to learn humility from success, to learn how to treat people with honor and respect, if you don’t get the chance to develop your talent and invest in your health and your relationships, then success is lost on you and will soon be lost for real.

So let’s ditch the idea of the stereotypical high flying designer with the larger than life ego and her nose in the air, the last two years has humbled our global industry and that should teach us to stay humble especially when we experience success.

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