Entrepreneurship is many things but Easy is not one of them . It is fulfilling and in many cases life altering. It will influence your faith, your family life, your life philosophies. It will make you doubt yourself, love yourself…..it will feed you humble pie and in another season put you on a pedestal.        

It is the best thing or the worst thing that will ever happen to you depending of course on your perspective. Personally I love being an entrepreneur. I love that I get to explore and create and control. I love how I can learn , unlearn and relearn. I love the journey and the privilege to serve. I am thankful for the highs and the lows. I will do it again and again and again and again.

If you are an entrepreneur, take a moment to stop dreaming big, creating content, managing infrastructure, raising money and all the other crazy things we find ourselves doing in this jungle…take a moment to take it all in and just love this moment you are in and marvel at how far you have come.
Ok ….a minute is up….back to the grind.

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