Fattransferbytomi S1

Fattransferbytomi S1

It’s been 27 days since my last run. In those 27 days a lot has happened. My initial excuse was the weather, then in my determination I started running in the rain. Then it was work, then I had to nurse an injury,then it was travel,then more work , then finally it was my jeans not fitting as easily…..then you know the rest of the story…it’s downhill from there, we have all been there.

So today I decided to go on a run, I knew once I got back on the road It would trigger my love for running again and it will be life as I know it again. It took me an hour to get ready, My head phones were not charged, I lost my phone, my new work out clothes looked weird, and I literally had to push myself out of the house. 60 minutes later, I’m done. I’m pleased and I know I will be back tomorrow. My mind will also get stronger, weight will be shed and all will be ok.

My business took a hit too for a minute. All our businesses have in one way or the other. The business of fashion cannot be sustained only by creativity in designing. These days (and this is a global phenomenon ) your ability to adapt, pivot and reinvent will determine your success and your existence. 

If something is not working anymore stop doing it and explore new methods or territories. If you have lost your mojo, find it, be intentional about whose energy you are feeding off , what you are allowing to take your mind space and if you need to make some hard decisions, do so…quickly.

Whatever you do remember it doesn’t have to be “downhill from here” you can do something unusual today to change course. So do it.

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