Introducing new designs to your customers. Part 2

Introducing new designs to your customers. Part 2

Dear fashion preneur,

The customer is King but she is not always right. She also doesn’t always know what she wants and she is open to discovery and adventure. The customer is King but she is not in control of your creative process. That is too much power.

My mentee’s story is not new. As creatives we are constantly torn between being commercial and being original but it doesn’t have to be one or the other. If you get too comfortable servicing the same small network of customers with the same style you risk loosing your edge.

What you must do is be open to exploring your gift but introducing your new ideas strategically and gradually to your tribe . Also your business needs to be open to new people constantly, you are building a business not a fraternity. The more diverse your clientele the more of your creativity you can explore.

More importantly you don’t need permission from anyone other that yourself to use your brand as a creative outlet. Just be smart about it.  I have offered practical ways to introduce new ideas to your customers in my latest podcast. I’m excited about this podcast episode and I will have shared my journey in this regard.

I know it is scary but being able to show off my creativity through my brand is the best thing that ever happened to my brand. Click the podcast button to subscribe to my podcast.

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