#Dearfashionpreneur S2

#Dearfashionpreneur S2

My babies are growing up. They are changing and so are the dynamics of our relationship. They need me in a different way now and I need to be sensitive to my new role in their lives if I want to be an effective parent.

Sometimes, admittedly, I miss the babies they used to be and how desperately they needed me for everything. How I had a ready answer for any question they asked and how cute their responses were to some of mine.

Now some tables have turned and I’m the one asking the ridiculous questions as they are the ones bursting out in laughter at how clueless I am in their world. But they need me. They need me more now than they needed me then. My role is different but it’s still the same.

As my business evolves so does my role as it’s creative director. It’s sometimes humbling to accept this. My business also doesn’t need to be mothered the way it used to. My team needs direction not micro managing . If I’ve done things right, my brand also now a teenager should be mature enough to run on its own without my hand holding.

I also must admit that I need help. This phase in both respects is more complicated. There are people who have been down this road before and I can learn from their journeys. Please be sensitive to your role as a CEO. You run the risk off loosing momentum if you let go too soon or hold on to less strategic roles too long. Learn to empower and trust listen, yes listen to your business. Mine seems to have a life of its own and has a lot to say.

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