#Dearfashionpreneur S3

#Dearfashionpreneur S3


The first one will lead to panic, fear, comparisons, a need for instant gratification and unsustainable success.

Long term thinking is faith based. It instills discipline, you plan, project and strategise against an expected future achievement. This kind of thinking is not rewarded in a hurry, be ready to look and possibly feel ridiculous but when the future comes it will make sense.

Some of my greatest assets, the intangible ones in terms of my brand journey are rewards from some decisions I made at least a decade ago. At the time it was difficult sticking to it but now I am so glad I did.

I have heard people say “ Nigerians don’t like ready to wear, Tomi you will starve o” They were right at the time but I knew that a time would come when they would be wrong if only I could wait out the “starvation” season .

Then they said “ hmmm Tomi your designs are too simple , Lagosians like glam” right again but I was targeting the growing 2% who were like me and now just like I anticipated “simple is the new glam” I have been told other things like “stick to your linen” “your designs are getting too young” “you need to do more regular stuff” “ your prices are too high” “ you need to start taking fabric “.

In my journey towards the picture in my head and as I evolve and reinvent myself and my brand it has been tempting to compromise, to earn a quick buck but I’m glad I stuck to my plan because most of the brand equity I am enjoying now are based on decisions I made years ago. 

Now those values are part of our DNA and difficult to shake off. I’m still making crazy moves under the radar that nobody understands except me and the voices in my head. I’m also still making a few errors and course correcting but I have learnt to be focused on the long term play, it’s all coming together….one day it will make complete sense.

So in-spite of the pressures society places on you, go with your convictions and make moves today that your future self will be thankful for. I hope i made sense today.

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