#Dearfashionpreneur S5

#Dearfashionpreneur S5

Human beings are the only species that ignore their intuition. God put that 6th sense in there for a purpose. You have been going round in circles ignoring your gut feeling to make a move that could quite possibly fix everything. A move that could be the beginning of many ups and downs but will end with a victory dance.

If I sound like a “woli” this morning it’s because I’m finally connecting some very confusing dots. Dots that first emerged 4 years ago, dots that didn’t make sense and didn’t even seem to pay off. Risks taken that I considered miscalculated and borderline irresponsible. But now , somehow,it’s coming together…..still fuzzy….but it’s making some kind of sense.

You see, you can read all the books, attend all the seminars and conferences, follow all the gurus and know all the theories if they don’t inspire you to take action, they are all a waste of your time. We know, we build confidence from doing , we achieve from doing, we learn from doing, so do!!!! Do it afraid, do it unsure , do it and fail even but failure is never really a destination for the doer, it’s all part of the dots connecting up and down, back and forth , round and round …… one day it will make sense. Hope this helps someone. #

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