#Dearfashionpreneur S7

#Dearfashionpreneur S7

Here are a few things I have been told on this entrepreneurial journey.

1. Your clothes are ugly

2. ….She is not even fashionable ( told to my friends actually)

3 You are going to regret this ( told to me after leaving banking)

4. Your designs are too simple

5. Ready to wear won’t work

6. You need to attend more parties( kuku kill me)

7. You are successful because people like you not your designs ( insult and compliment rolled into one…how do you respond? Thank you or hell no) 

8. It’s not too late to get a job ( I was already 5 years in)

9. Your designs used to be nice ( the worst… calling me a “has been”)

10. Get somebody else to do your designing

Every single one of these statements hurt and had the power to discourage me. Some were said by people I liked and respected. Thankfully though, there were words of encouragement and affirmation and praise and gratitude and appreciation that have come through. Some by the same people. I focus on that.

I have cried many tears and felt lonely many times on this journey but ( thank God for guts) through all the highs and many lows my greatest asset is being my own biggest fan!!!!! I don’t need your praise or criticism to survive or thrive. I need your patronage though and I will get that as long as I stay true to who I am and share my gift in the most respectable , loving and authentic way I can.

Dear fashion preneur, as I end this series I want to encourage you to stay true, do you, take risks and be your own biggest fan. It ain’t easy but you are sooooo worth it 

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