I don’t know exactly what caused this but in the last 2weeks we have had more first time customers come through than in any other week this year. It’s a welcomed development but I don’t know if it’s the sponsored ads, campaigns, pop ups, newsletters, text messages, insta posts or stories, direct messages and calls, In store events or even re designing our website, or referrals by happy customers,maybe it’s the cumulative effect of consistently doing all these things that caused this but whatever it is we stay grateful.

I don’t believe in luck, I believe in grace though, like luck it can’t be earned but grace is not a fluke….it’s not a respecter of persons and is available to some degree to us all. Grace,like luck can be wasted, if you fail to prepare for your season. You must be expectant even when it makes no sense ….grace is partial to the brave.

See with all the newbies coming through, it would mean nothing if we weren’t prepared for them. If we weren’t able to convert the traffic to money it would be a waste of grace. It takes blind faith to prepare for a peak season, piling up inventory and anticipating demand , putting the word out and hoping they are listening….. it pays off though. Moral of my very long story, be prepared for your best case scenario, don’t be distracted by your present circumstance,it’s nothing but a smoke screen. I hope this helped someone.

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