The pressure that comes with the new year, now its a new decade we have to contend with . As an entrepreneur you can’t afford to panic. Panic is bad for business and it’s not great for your creative energy either. As usual we will be inundated with goal setting tips, classes,courses ,programs etc and if you are lucky, all that buzz will last you till March and then the adrenaline wears out and reality kicks in and you are back doing the same old thing and waiting for another year to count down… no that’s not the plan.

So what do you do as an entrepreneur to prepare for 2020? Well let me tell you what I do. I’m not jaded by the new year….I never have been. I however take note of my wins in the year and then try to document what made them work, then I do them again and again until I have a winning formula.

We don’t give our wins enough attention. When you get something right, go on and supersize it, it’s yours ,perfect it , repeat it and own it. Stay present in 2020 . I had several wins in 2019 and I’m going to capitalize on them in 2020 so watch this space. I hope I made sense. By the way I’m back and I have a lot to share.

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