Still on lessons from 2019.
Happiness is not overrated. Joy is power. I’m not talking about putting up a show for Instagram (except if that feeds your joy ) I mean taking deliberate steps to do what makes you happy. I don’t know who sold us the lie that a successful business starts with a happy customer, no it starts with a happy business owner and her happiness is contagious, rubbing off on her customer and her entire ecosystem.

It’s SIMPLE, do what makes you happy. It’s easy to loose your spark as you get busier and your business gets bigger. You take on more, you diversify, you get into survival mode and then you wake up one morning uninspired, not excited about what you do anymore.

Your passion is precious please guard it jealously. Your passion, joy, happiness is where your grace lies. That is where you find limitless energy, your unique selling point, your unfair advantage, your secret sauce.

Doing what makes you happy is your most strategic business move. So in 2020 don’t throw yourself into busy-ness without finding out what happy is. Let your joy guide your work. 

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