Two things are going to happen to you in your business life and you can quote me on this. Two things that you should anticipate and be prepared for. What are they? 

The first are HIGHS, you are going to experience some seasons or moments when everything that could go right would. You will surpass your sales targets, hire a brilliant mind, customers will show up unsolicited, shop your brand and spread your gospel. You will be nominated and win awards and your creative juices will deliver bestsellers that will blow your mind!!! And then the next certainty will happen…. this will go down for sure.

 The downtime, sales will dip and if you are lucky it comes in trickles, loyal customers will express disappointment and try out the competition. Your best hands will leave without notice. In desperation, you throw money at the problem, but it bounces back as debt, crippling and overwhelming. Your creativity is stifled, the accolades and applause stop, the silence is deafening. Ups and downs, highs and lows are a constant. Don’t be fooled by Instagram curated lives that give the impression that it’s all about the high life. I have personally experienced everything I described in this post. I know that sustained success is who I am between the highs and lows. The reality of the two keeps me humble, open to learning, reinventing and adapting.

What to do when sales dip? I have a few ideas I like to share but remember this too is a reality we all experience.

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