So I put on weight, the picture in yellow is one year older and one dress size bigger. I wish I could say I prefer myself thicker but nope… Admittedly miss being thinner, my new size has its perks though. My skin is brighter and clearer, my hair is thicker and longer and I’m having a little more fun with food. On a new weight loss journey, I realize that the strategies that helped me lose 15kg may not work in losing 6kg. I’m older, more injury-prone, with new demands on my mind and my energy levels so I need to find a new way. There is good news though, my good habits are still intact, I work out every day, lost my appetite for ice cream and bread and still declutter often. I’m guarding these habits jealously and enjoying my new body and its new glow. 

Like our bodies, our businesses need new strategies as they get older too. We must delegate more, depersonalize more, and create more passive income streams. I’m trying all these too. Once you are past the 5-year mark, you switch to survival mode in an industry that celebrates and craves newness. Becoming yesterday’s hot new thing is dangerous, so consider your strengths as a unique selling point. Treat your tribe, those loyal customers that keep showing up like the royalty they are. Position yourself as an authority in your field and you will attract those who appreciate the expertise that that comes with age.

 P.S. I’m thinking of joining a Zumba class to shake things up… I’m open to suggestions?

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