Month: July 2020

This is a good thing

It feels like the old normal is gone and we have not quite defined the new one yet. What does that mean for our businesses and the way we live our lives? This is a question I have asked myself several times and what I discovered was comforting. Thankfully, I do not have to unlearn everything I have learnt in the past 18 years… What a relief!!!

This year has taught me that as a brand and a person I must never stop exploring and evolving. There is so much more to me (and you) than I have allowed myself to be. This is not about being busier, I repeat, this is not about being busier!!! I made that mistake earlier in the lock-down. I immersed myself in everything, every course, webinar and house chore available and then I was exhausted but had achieved nothing. So, this season, let us think, less activity and more impact. As we evolve, we may need new skills and new relationships to become our better selves. Our businesses may be leaner now, but that means they are more nimble and so now able to move and adapt with ease. That is a good thing.

I talk about my love for evolution and adaptation in my E-book “18 secrets from 18 years in business” One reason why my business, Xclamations by Tomi Rotimi, has remained relevant and vibrant through almost two decades is that I embraced every disruption I experienced as an opportunity to evolve and emerge stronger and more relevant and so much more resilient. This disruption is the worst yet but has presented another opportunity to be better.

My new E-book is a must-read. It is now available at 50% off its original price and I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has downloaded it and sent me feedback. It has been humbling.

Click the link below to get the E-book and listen to my latest podcast where I talked a bit about Secret 11, one of my most important secrets.


This is a good thing