Why are they SELLING?

Why are they SELLING?

I think it is time we started talking about selling again. We have been inundated with gloom and doom and with images of big businesses shutting down. We have also been force-fed so much information through webinars and lives it’s easy to look so far into an uncertain future that we ignore or miss out on realities and worst still opportunities.

The reality is that there are businesses out there that are selling. I am not trying to put you under any pressure, but it is the truth. Now, why are they selling? That is the million-dollar question? What are they doing right and what possibly are we doing wrong? It is easy to throw our hands in the air and give up on our businesses, but it is not so easy to make changes that could turn things around.

In my latest podcast, I talk about five things that I have noticed that successful businesses at this time are doing right to get their sales up. I know we all have our peculiar circumstances that really may make our businesses suffer more than most but if this season has taught me anything it is that there is ALWAYS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO. YOU SEE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES CAN’T CHANGE BUT STRATEGIES AND METHODS CAN.

So, let us think differently. The new normal is here, post-COVID is here. Click the link and listen to the podcast.


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