Month: January 2021

Friend or Foe

A good friend of mine once admitted that she felt guilty for not buying from me. I felt bad that it burdened her like that, especially when I didn’t consider her an ideal customer. She was a superb friend and I never once doubted her loyalty, but somehow society had fed her the lie that she had to prove her friendship with her custom… I freed her that day.

So many beautiful relationships have been lost because of this. On the flip side, if you are my customer, I owe you value. You shouldn’t have to tolerate poor service because you are my friend. This one is a major peeve… Don’t make me a disgruntled customer because you’re my bestie. That ain’t right.

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Friend or Foe

What upsets the customers?

You really can’t avoid customers getting upset with you. No matter how customer-focused your brand is or how wonderful your products are. You will have situations where your customers are upset.

One reason customers get disappointed with you is that you over-promise. Over-promising is something that we all do sometimes, even without knowing in the bid to sell or please a buyer. There’s nothing worse than creating an expectation in the client’s mind and not delivering. The feeling of disappointment is one that is very difficult to shake off, and you do not want to put yourself in that position.

Another reason your clients get upset with you is that you are not clear about your value proposition. This one for me is the most important reason of all. If the client does not understand what you do or what your brand is about, If you’re not clear about what your value proposition is, you will attract people with problems you are not wired to solve.

Number three reason you are having disgruntled customers is that you do not have a Return policy. A refund or return policies don’t solve the problem when you do not deliver on the solution or service your client seeks but at least it gives the client the impression that you are not in it all for the money and also that you care about your customer.

Have you had to deal with disgruntled customers? How did you handle the situation? I will love to hear from you.

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What upsets the customers?