Excuse No.2

Excuse No.2

Excuse No.2 is the one I have used the longest… the one I share with the busy bees amongst us, the one that never gets old. This excuse sounds noble… even makes me feel important. You say it with an attitude… shoulders raised… “I don’t have the time” “I am too busy” “So much on my plate”. Being busy becomes a problem when you have no time for the important stuff… the things you want to spend time doing. For me, the shift came when I started accounting for my time and I realized I could make time by freeing myself of obligations and tasks that were self-imposed or could be delegated. It’s also a whole different feeling when you are doing things you love, things that move you closer to your goals and add colour to your life.

Stop “forming” busy but instead start making time by prioritizing the important stuff. Start prioritizing you.

 Watch out for the next excuse.

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