So, I am writing a book. It’s possible you know that already. I am so excited about this, it’s almost all I talk and think about. My book is about two passions of my life… the first one you know already – Business but the other may come to you as a surprise – Fitness. My business and fitness life are intertwined and in the last five years I have committed myself to my fitness journey and it has helped me become a better businessperson. It has literarily changed my life.

So what is Fat transfer? My book is a compilation of life lessons for fitness and business. We are taking pre-orders for the book now, and it makes me wonder about the many excuses I made that prevented me from writing it. I can come up with the most ingenious excuses. But deep inside I know, just like you know, that excuses are just another expression of our fears. Another way we protect ourselves from change and delay our progress. One of my “go-to” excuses is “I don’t know how”. Mehn… this excuse can mess you up. First, admitting not knowing how to do something should be a good thing, but when it’s an excuse… it becomes a shackle… tying up your hands and your mind.

When I explored the thought of writing this book, thought of a million things I didn’t know about the process. I felt inept and convinced myself that I needed to acquire new skills before I could even justify an attempt. I was wrong. Thankfully, I started… I woke up one day and just started. And yes, the process was just as challenging as I thought it would be and there was a lot to learn, stuff I couldn’t just delegate, things I had to do myself. But I did it. Since writing this book, it has emboldened me to try out new things, and that is just one way this process has changed me.

My next excuse is my default one. I and this excuse have been besties for a long time. Watch out for the next excuse in the next newsletter.

Have you ordered my book? If you have struggled to stay consistent in business or fitness or you are a fan of my writing or you want to read more of my story or you just want to support my writing career lol… then click the link to be one of the first to get an autographed copy.

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