Excuse no.3

Excuse no.3

Excuse No.3 is the worst of all my excuses. I almost always think “I am not good enough” before stepping up.

We give this excuse fancy names like imposter syndrome or inferiority complex because we know this one runs deep. Personally, I have accepted that this feeling of inadequacy will never go away and so to live my best life, I have to learn to deal with it. Being a fashion entrepreneur helps; my work-life feeds me regularly with validation through the people I constantly see wearing my pieces so beautifully. Family life also helps… hubby is my biggest cheerleader and constantly reminds me that I’m awesome (thanks babe). But ultimately I am the only one that can silence that voice in my head, and I have found that it only shuts up when I prove it wrong… So I started writing my book and kept writing until the voice was nothing but inaudible whispers.

Confidence also comes with practice. The more you do, the more competent you feel. So don’t wait to be great before you start, start and in the process, greatness will find you.

Watch out for the next excuse.

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