Excuse no.4

Excuse no.4

Excuse No.4 is the one that threatens everything I try to do. It showed up when I wanted to get married, start having babies, start @xclamations, and it raised its ugly head big time when I wanted to write my book.

This excuse will convince you that you are not lazy, you don’t procrastinate, you are just a perfectionist, you strive for excellence and my favorite (I swear this excuse is so coy) it says “you know whatever is worth doing is worth doing well”… and just like that it stops you in your tracks. To get past this excuse was hard for me because I am an over-thinker and I over-analyze everything!!! I like to be prepared; I like to feel ready, even though I rarely ever do. Admittedly, I think it is why it took so long for me to do this. The idea for this book is 3 years old and yet I never felt ready, that feeling never came, and I have even stopped waiting for it.

How did I get over it? Nothing earth-shaking happened, no epiphany or aha moment… I just woke up one day, opened up my laptop, started typing and kept at for a year. Excuses hate action!!! Ready or not, just do it. Whatever “IT” maybe.

Watch out for the next excuse.

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