Excuse no.5

Excuse no.5

Excuse no.5  Hmm, what can I say about my relationship with this excuse? This one has certainly cost me. I’m humble enough to say I have used this a couple of times as an excuse not to do something I really wanted to do, and so this excuse elicits some feelings of regret. But thankfully we serve a God of multiple chances, so I have learnt from my mistakes, and I now have a different response to the idea of a saturated market.

Again, being a fashion entrepreneur helped in causing this mind shift. Very few industries are considered more competitive than mine… but the creative industry also thrives on differentiation… if you want to succeed, you have to embrace your uniqueness. Don’t do what everyone is doing, dig deep to find your USP. Ultimately you are the differentiator.

Your YOUNESS is a moneymaker. Some people will never get the message, except it comes in the unique way you sell it. You have to believe that!!! You have to know that there is room even in a seemingly saturated market for you if you commit to your uniqueness.

Watch out for the next excuse.

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