Month: March 2021

Excuse no.6

My final excuse for this series is a lie from the pit of hell!!!

Excuse no.6 “I cannot afford it” or “I don’t have the money”. I’ve used this excuse many times, but what I was saying was “I am not ready to start small”. Everything can be done on a smaller scale, and I mean EVERYTHING. Downsize your project or idea and keep scaling down until you get to the version of it you can afford to execute. And you know if you are committed to starting, virtually every idea has a “free” version. Starting small is not only cheap, but it’s also smart and highly recommended. So this excuse reflects your ego or your ignorance, and either way, it’s robbing you of something special.

This is all my excuses and maybe a few of yours. Which one resonated with you?

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Excuse no.6